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American Group Funding, Inc. would like to acquaint you with our unique service to Owner Financed Mortgage Note Holders & Settlement Receivers. American Funding and our Private Associates are in the business of buying existing Real Estate Contracts, Mortgage Notes and Deeds of Trust, in most States. That is "Owner Financed" or also called "Owner Carry Back" Mortgage Notes in which the Note Holder has Financed the Buyer instead of a Bank or Financial Institution. We convert long term income into Cash now. You get the Cash in hand today that you wanted when you sold your property.

We also work with Structured Settlements that dribble payments in monthly or have future payments pending; we can convert those payments into a Cash lump sum today. When you chose to receive your structured settlement award installments, it may have been the right decision at that time. But circumstances can change and unexpected financial problems or new investment opportunities may come up and you want immediate access to your money now. American Funding specializes in purchasing structured settlements in exchange for a Cash payment to you now. When you consider that the inflation of a dollar today is worth more than one in the future, it may make sense to get your money now instead. American Funding can make it happen for you.

Ultimately, you are searching for a Safe Harbor with Security for your money or investments. Your immediate situation may not be fulfilling this for you. What service we would actually be doing for you, is giving you cash up front for the purchase of payments that may never materializeˇ­

American Group Funding, Inc. is interested in Buying Owner Financed Mortgage Notes & Structured Settlements, in most States. We pay Cash & can even fund our purchase simultaneously with the closing of your sale or escrow transaction..

Secured by Real-Estate Collateral
Structured Settlements - Future Cash Flows
If you, or someone you know, wants to receive Cash Now instead of collecting payments for years on a privately held mortgage; American Group Funding, Inc., has the expertise to professionally handle any transaction. In most cases, all moneys are disbursed in three to four weeks. Please visit our other Website pages listed in blue for more information...

"Thank You" For Your Time & Considerationˇ­

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American Group Funding, Inc., is a unique service with our their own financial group of investors. With a portfolio for buying stream cash flows secured by real estate or structured cash flow mechanics. We use our in-house portfolio and/or private investors at our own discretion; as to make any transaction happen. We deliver hassle free results in a short period of time. We look at credit reports in a different light than conventional financial institutions; thus giving our clients a better purchase offer and more options.

The biggest reason for people to sell their mortgage note or settlement is that they would rather have $1,000 today than $110 a year for the next 10 years. Most people don't want to collect payments for the next 10 to 30 years when they can get cash now. What service we are doing for our client, is giving you cash up front for the purchase of payments that may never materialize. Most sellers are not banks. You might have carried back paper to get the deal done.

You were smart in doing so, and now may be the time to gain the financial benefit.

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